Our People Make The Difference



“I did want to take a minute to say that to date we have had a very positive experience working with AJK&A and I have stated this during the OAC. AJK&A has been consistently outstanding on this project on both the design and the construction side. I truly appreciate all the time and energy you guys put into this. ”


-Jeffrey A. Miller, Senior Technical Architect, SOM

Levine / Seegel Associates


“We have worked with A.J. Kirkwood on many projects over a long period of time and have always found that their performance was outstanding.”



Intrawest Placemaking


“Without a doubt, I can say that AJK&A is the best electrical contractor that I have ever worked with.”


-Jim Mitchell, Director of Construction, Intrawest Placemaking

Ledcor Group


“During this project Evolution Fresh, I have not often taken the time to say thanks for a job well done. Anthony Culligan has shown hard work throughout this project and should be recognized for his achievements. Again, I say thank you.”


-Terry DeMauro, Senior Superintendent, Ledcor Construction, Inc.

R.D. Olson Construction


“Not only is Brian’s project team safe, the workmanship and the Schedule also meet compliance. It shows that a team that is well disciplined in a specific area is usually the same in all areas! Congratulations to all the players on site.”


-Ian Gardiner, Executive VP, R.D. Olson Construction


“It was a pleasure to work with A.J. Kirkwood & Associates, Inc. Your commitment to schedule, teamwork and safety go a long way in helping us achieve success.”


-Tommy Marcum, Senior Project Manager, R.D. Olson Construction



“One of the things that made A.J. Kirkwood & Associates shine on the Marriott Courtyard project was their ability and willingness to help the electrical engineer solve many issues and step up with their own engineering on complex emergency lighting and load design requirements and assisting the architect and engineer with the City of San Diego plan check needs.


I always received help above and beyond the call of duty from A. J. Kirkwood & Associates and was always greeted with, “Is there anything else we can do to help?”


-Ken Higuera, VP Gray / ICE Builders, Inc.

PCL Construction


“It is with great appreciation and admiration for all the conscientious and diligent work displayed by the team of A.J. Kirkwood & Associates, Inc. for our very successful UCI Verano Place Unit 4 Replacement Project. Your team led by Foreman, Tony Durst displayed the fortitude required to make this project safe and successful and needs to be applauded.”


-Max Holt, Project Superintendent, PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Archstone Smith


“The original electrical design for our Marina Del Rey project was expensive and insufficient, AJK&A made suggestions to resolve some of the design issues. Based on their recommendations, Archstone asked AJK&A to proceed with a complete electrical re-design. The final design by AJK&A was much more efficient, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on an extremely complex and high end renovation of 623 luxury apartment units.”


-Al Udwin, Group VP, Archstone



“Tony Durst went over and above what was required of him to ensure our buildings and its residents were minimally impacted by the fire and loss of power we experienced on June 10, 2014. He and his team reacted swiftly and appropriately and were an instrumental presence throughout the emergency.”


-Jeff C. Lucas, Senior VP, Related Companies

United Construction


“If I had to pick a word to describe A.J. Kirkwood’s performance on the Nellis Air Force Base CDC project, it would have to be incredible. In the time I have been in business, I have never had or seen an electrical contractor finish so strongly.


I appreciate all the efforts put forth by A.J. Kirkwood and if this is the quality of workmanship you provide, I look forward to working with you in the future.”


-Mike McMordie, Superintendent, United Construction

Bernards Building Management Services


“What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by AJ Kirkwood & Associates was that regardless of what issue arose, Brad and Derrick would present a proactive solution in a timely fashion. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your company again.”


-Nate Johnson, Project Manager, Bernards