American Business Bank


“From a financial standpoint, A.J. Kirkwood & Associates averages seven figure in deposits. All accounts have always been handled responsibly. While the company also maintains an eight figure working capital line of credit with the Bank, there has been little, to no, usage.


Finally and most importantly, I have always personally respected the business acumen and open lines of communication with all of the executives of the company as well.”


David Kohn
Regional Vice President

KPS Surety Bond


“Our agency has an established bonding relationship with Great American Insurance Company which will support bonds on their behalf for projects in excess of $25,000,000 and an aggregate contract value program of $175,000,000. We have worked with principals of AJ.Kirkwood & Associates,Inc. for an extended period of time facilitating their surety bond needs and have the highest degree of confidence in their abilities.”


Michael R. Strahan
Sr. Vice President



“Invensure has enjoyed the privilege of a 16 year relationship with A.J. Kirkwood & Associates, Inc. as their primary risk management adviser and insurance broker.


Something we hear consistently from A.J. Kirkwood customers is that they not only keep a watchful eye on protecting their assets, but they are equally mindful of their customers, subcontractors and vendor partners as well. This has been a consistent trait in their business mindset for as long as I have known them. It’s truly refreshing in this day of shareholder focused corporate America.


We have formed a relationship with our carrier partner Liberty Mutual and it has proven to be an effective part of the company’s risk management strategy.  Liberty Mutual is an AXV carrier that understands the electrical construction business and we look forward to our future together.


All of us here at Invensure are proud to call A.J. Kirkwood & Associates our customer and gladly endorse them to anyone considering utilizing their design/build services for their Projects.”


Richard Sherman

anthony and assoc logo

Anthony & Associates, CPAs


“As accountants who have had a large concentration of clients in the construction industry for more than thirty years, we have found it to be a pleasure to work with A.J. Kirkwood & Associates, Inc. since 1996. In every area of activity, senior management, sales, estimating, engineering, project management, employee benefits, and accounting, the Company always has a well thought out and executed business plan, which is constantly tested against the actual results. With strong internal controls and timely measurement of performance, the Company takes action to meet its objectives. Our interaction with the Company is independent, and management is competent, cooperative, informative, and professional.”


A. Lee Anthony, CPA