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Casa Dorinda

Casa Dorinda is a distinguished senior living community nestled on 48 acres in Montecito, serving as the exclusive senior retirement campus in the area, offering a comprehensive range of LifeCare services. This encompasses Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing, all seamlessly integrated within the community.

The Casa Dorinda Bliss Expansion project comprised several sub-projects, including the construction of a new Independent Living (IL) complex featuring three buildings, the addition of ten new villas, the extension of a two-story wing to the existing Personal Care (PCU)/Memory Care (MCU) building, and the creation of a new restaurant. AJK was responsible for the installation of power and lighting for the entire expansion initiative.

The Independent Living complex involved the construction of three buildings, totaling 11 units, situated atop a new parking garage podium. The villa construction encompassed the development of nine individual single-story villas and one single-story duplex.

In the case of the Personal Care/Memory Care building, the addition of the new two-story wing brought forth 21 additional personal/memory care living units and new communal spaces. The existing Personal Care/Memory Care buildings underwent remodeling and partial repurposing to align with the new wing's design.

Lastly, the Resident Grill, a new 4,400 square foot restaurant, was introduced at the heart of the Casa Dorinda campus.



Montecito, CA

Build Partners

Sunseri Construction

Cearnal Collective


72,875 sq.ft.

Photo Courtesy of Sunseri Construction

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