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Murietta Premiere Wellness & Rehab

Rebranded as The Ellison John Transitional Care Center, this skilled nursing facility, comprising 170 beds, has been meticulously designed to foster a supportive and compassionate environment conducive to healing, rejuvenation, and an enhanced quality of life. With around-the-clock nursing care, the center is committed to patient well-being.

The facility takes the form of a single-story building, partitioned into three nursing units. One of these units is dedicated to physical therapy and offers occupational therapy to aid patients in regaining the ability to perform everyday activities, mirroring those encountered in their homes.

To ensure uninterrupted operation of critical services, AJK installed a robust 200kW Emergency Standby Generator, safeguarding the facility against potential power outages. In addition to this, AJK was responsible for the installation of the fire alarm system and a telecommunication nurse call system, further enhancing the safety and efficiency of the center's operations.



Lancaster, CA

Build Partners

Sunseri Construction

Douglas Pancake Architects


75,000 sq.ft.

Photo Courtesy of Sunseri Construction

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