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Located along the Expo Line light rail connecting West Los Angeles with Downtown the (W)rapper is a 17-story office building with no central columns. This one-of-a-kind commercial space will hold two lower levels of parking and a two-level event deck area for recreation. (W)rapper is supported by a network of curvilinear bands originating from a number of geometric center points. he seismic base isolation ensures that in the event of an earthquake, the building moves freely.  Each curving band is wrapped around the largely rectilinear building envelope, and folded around each vertical and horizontal corner of the building until it reaches the ground. 

AJK installed 5000A service, 1000KW Generator, electrical system, seismic sensing system, fire alarm, DAS, and did rough in for security, BMS, and data.



Los Angeles, CA

Build Partners

Matt Construction

Eric Owen Moss Architects (EOMA)


183,000 gross sq. ft.

235 ft. tall

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