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15000 Aviation

The 15000 Aviation project was a restoration of a former government facility previously occupied by the Federal Aviation Agency. During the construction process, emphasis was placed on preserving the building's exterior shell, a commemorative plaque for 09-11, and a constitutional wall. The outcome of this restoration effort has resulted in a structurally sound and compliant space that serves as a versatile canvas for potential commercial tenants.

This project encompassed six floors of core and shell work, featuring the installation of a chiller, boiler room, and cooling tower. Additionally, the building now houses a new IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame), a fire command room, and office spaces.

Throughout the project, AJK ensured a consistent power supply for the owner. This involved the creation of a new electrical system spanning all six floors and the rooftop. Breakers were transferred to facilitate the refurbishment of the main switch gear, with a new system installed. The new gear was also set up to support an emergency backup system. The low voltage team contributed by installing a new Gamewell FCI fire alarm system, a security system, and a voice data system across all six floors and the rooftop.



Lawndale, CA

Build Partners

Matt Construction

Wolcott Architecture


207,000 sq. ft.

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